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Independent customized

in-bizniz mediates independent and always strives for an adequate insurance solution. For this we offer customized insurance coverages to using a selection of insurers, we have compiled based on our years of experience and market knowledge. Meanwhile, we take into account the financial strength of your company

Damage? quick processing

The continuity of your organization is paramount. Any damage we act quickly and appropriately off to you.

Good relationships

Even if all goes well, we maintain regular contact with you. Therefore we keep abreast of developments in your organization and we may deal with relevant changes. In-bizniz commitment to a lasting customer relationship and therefore we advise our clients always objectively and independently.

Reward forms

  • Remuneration based on a service contract
  • Remuneration based on a fixed fee
  • Remuneration based on an hourly rate
  • Compensation based on commission

For more information read our document services.

Risk analysis

The start of our service usually consists of a thorough analysis of the risks and uncertainties that threaten the continuity of your organization. On the basis of the objectives, organization and business processes of your company, we identify the key risks and then we record the results in a total overview of recommendations on how these risks can be managed or covered.

Portfolio Analysis

A broad assessment of premiums, deductibles, terms and conditions of your existing insurance adequacy and market conformity is an essential part of our service. The results of this portfolio analysis often lead to tangible cost savings and increased effectiveness of the insurance portfolio.

Insurance mediation

in-bizniz mediates in all forms of insurance. We maintain close contact with our insurers and actively monitor developments in the market, so we are always able to offer a competitive insurance product. We work with all major insurance companies. We can also accommodate large risks on the stock market. We are therefore able to provide written assurance solutions, particularly for large corporate and industrial risks.


We manage your insurance portfolio asset. We manage the administrative and financial handling of your insurance policies, ensure fast and accurate processing of tenders, requests, changes and renewal and promote the rapid settlement and payment of any damages. In addition, we assist and guide you in the process of claim settlement.

Income Scan

Income scan is focused on an analysis of your individual income and assets. On the basis of a comprehensive survey your current and future income and asset situation seen in relation to each other and optimally matched. Then the risks are analyzed that may affect your income and assets. The income scan results in a total overview of recommendations which it becomes clear how can be covered any risks related to your income and assets and how specific objectives can be achieved